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Animagicians is a card game of wizardry and bluffings for 1-6 players, which takes place inside an enchanted manor, putting players in great danger against monsters, bad luck and... other players. Is an assimetrical strategic push your luck game which can be played Solo, Cooperative or All vs All. Besides, the game is language independent, and the cards with text are double sided in Spanish and English.

Each player represents a Dark Seeker, magicians with the ability of cage the souls of the monsters into crystal shards, gathering more and more power in order to become the most powerful Dark Seeker ever seen. Their goal is to encage as many Monster Souls as possible, or to defeat and encage the Lich itself.

Content of the Core Box

1 Rulebook (both in English and Spanish)

149 Cards:

- 15 Characters (2 sides, one side in English and the other in Spanish)
- 6 Glossary of Symbols (2 sides, one side in English and the other in Spanish)
- 42 Spells
- 20 Special Cards
- 34 Monsters
- 12 Relics
- 4 Special Monsters (the Lich!)

- 3 Special Relics
- 2 Empty Rooms
- 11 Missions (for the Solo Player Mode and the Co-op Mode)

1 Cardboard with:

- 3 Soul Cage Token (with Broken Soul Cage Tokens on the other side)
- 25 Soul Tokens (2 sides, one side with a Level 1 Soul and the other with a Level 3 Soul)
- 1 Starting Player Token

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