Welcome to 2018


Happy New Year! Here we are, after an intense and exciting first year, willing to look back and forward to learn and improve. 2017 has been an excellent year. We launched campaign on Kickstarter in March, we stopped it and relaunched it six months later to achieve a resounding success by founding Animagicians (with several unlockable objectives included), we have visited many events, met many people and learned from them, made new friends, and after much hard work we are already preparing games for the near and far future.

I say near, because the production of Animagicians has already started. Two days ago the files were accepted and much earlier than expected we will have the game available. Our next step will be, towards the end of this month, to open the Pledge Manager so you can give us your address and as soon as we receive the games, we will prepare the shipments.

Animagicians, from our point of view, has had a fantastic reception. We are really happy and proud of the work done, our ability to adapt, the dynamism of the game, the fun and the excitement that generates in the players, how fabulous the Lich is ... as an overview, 10 out of 10. We hope that you like it as much as we like it, and that you share your gaming experiences with us and in the BoardGameGeek.

A 2018 full of news

We have many projects underway at the same time. All of them are very ambitious, and their development will cost a lot of effort and a lot of time. Some are of such a size that they will not even enter this year. Take a look!

A group of university students. A weekend in a house in the middle of nature. A bonfire, drinks, fun... a dark secret and a horror story. Do not go down to the basement. Do not open that box. It's late. There are things in the dark that crawl, whisper and come towards here. Get away from the windows. Protect your friends. Do not stay alone. Hide your intentions. Find an exit and survive ... this Moonless Night.

Moonless Night is the next game of Arcadia Designs. Moonless Night is a cooperative game of 2 to 4 players in which we will have to survive in a house in the middle of nature a full night while a monster taken from the most sinister horror films stalks us and hunt us down one by one. There will be terror, tension, exploration and hidden roles, all with a very careful cinematrographic setting, film clichés and illustrations and miniatures of great detail.

Our intention is to have a prototype ready in the next four months, and attend the Essen Spiel of 2018 with Animagicians and Moonless Night. The launch of this game is scheduled for the second half of this year. We will be giving more information about it and we will take it to events throughout the year.

The world of Nimeria is a world at war, cruel and ruthless. The only thing that keeps order in this vortex of chaos is an elite command called the Black Moon, command to which we belong.

World of Nimeria is a cooperative game of two to four players, in which we will venture into an epic adventure and face wise magicians, dangerous shapeshifters, and fierce dragons among others, while the characters mature throughout the course of the game, acquire skills and equipment to improve its attributes, advancing phase after phase until the end of the story. Demonstrate your courage, strategic ability and your luck in the land of Nimeria!

This is the first game developed jointly by Arcadia Designs and a collaborator, and its launch is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

The Universe is cracking down... The Old allies are tearing apart, the dangers are increasing and the population number is decreasing. The Lombrisects, one of the races of the alliance, have broken the Nation Agreement. Under a new commander they has been building a conspiracy, searching through systems, asteroids and planets in order to find the Primitive Element, the origin of matter itself, the Core. Put yourself under General Luminiae Ic.ti Rit on a surveillance mission chasing a Lombrisecto ship that acts within the limits of the law.

Core Diggers is a is a 2 to 4 player Dungeon Crawler in which exploration and skills are the key to overcome the game events and find the way go further. The Mission Booklet will guide you through a frenetic narrative and non-lineal live gameplay. Each hero gets on the board game with a common objective and a personal interest to fulfill throughout the game adding a RPG component to the game which will help dealing with deep characters with a wide range of personalities.

This is the second game developed jointly by Arcadia Designs and a collaborator, it is in a very early stage of development and its launch is scheduled for the first semester of 2019.

We have left for the end Xenosthea. We can not say almost anything about this project, except that we will use the whole 2019 year to develop it (and I have many excited people here shouting and jumping). For those of you who have recognized something in this promotional image, shhhh! As soon as we can, we will tell you more!

And that is all for today! We will continue giving information about all our future games soon, uploading photos, links, games ... of everything. Follow us on social media, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Kickstarter, and find out what's new before anyone else!

Elena Barrios

Lead Designer on Arcadia Designs