Animagicians: the Enchanted Manor is REAL :D


30 days. 30 Crazy days. We started the campaign with hope, illusion and emotion, and the campaign has ended with joy, happy tears and we jumping, haha :).

First: THANKS. Thanks to every single one of you. You are the best. Kickstarter can be frustrating sometimes, but thanks to you this experience has been FANTASTIC. We were excited the day we funded, the day when we reached the first goal was so emotive, unlocking the second was crazy and the last one today has been incredible. 1000€ in one night. We have no words but again, thank you :).

The new content of the box

Awesome! Now the game has 149 cards, the cards are better and we have 5 more Dark Seekers to choose when beggining any game!

How we've lived the campaign

And there is more to come, keep in touch in our social media, we're going to upload tons of content about the characters, the game, the work in progress... everything. Remember: you will have an e-mail about the automatic payment of the game, and if the payment has failed, you will have another. Check your spam inbox if you can't find the mail. If the payment has failed, send us a message to help you with that.

See you soon, and thanks for making Animagicians: the enchanted manor, a dream come true!

The Arcadia Designs Team