El Ancora de Fuego on KS!


Here we are, finishing the year with the best possible announcement! We have been preparing this for months and we are finally ready!

With everything we learned with the KS campaign of Animagicians, we have decided to use Kickstarter as the platform for Unsolved Mysteries: El Ancora de Fuego!

The starting content of Unsolved Mysteries: El Ancora de Fuego will be:

- Box of 300x300mm
- 1 Board of 600x600mm
- 5 Standee of the characters + 5 transparent bases
- 6 Black Dice of the Kami
- 1 White Dice of the Kami
- 68 Cards of 120x70mm
  • 34 Location Cards with 70 different locations
  • 10 Character Cards on two sides (5 characters in both languages)
  • 24 Yokai Cards
- 245 Cards of 44x68mm (84 Cards are in English)
  • 79 Interaction Cards
  • 42 Item Cards
  • 94 Proof Cards
  • 30 Trait Cards
- More than 60 tokens, between curses, fate, climate, secret objects ...
- 1 Adventure Book in Spanish with more than 100 pages of adventures
- 1 Adventure Book in English with more than 100 pages of adventures
- 1 Rulebook in Spanish and English

If you have been watching the video until the end, you will have seen that one of the characters appeared in 3D figure version! Well: El Ancora de Fuego will have an exclusive DELUXE version on Kickstarter with all the characters in plastic figure version (and more surprises) :). Not one, not two, not three, but five. FIVE figures of 3-5 cm high modeled with great detail to play with them and discover all the secrets of this adventure, which...

... will begin on February 12, 2019 at mid afternoon, Spanish time. Follow us on our social networks because throughout January we will reveal more details about the game!

You can go right now to the BoardGameGeek page of Unsolved Mysteries: El Ancora de Fuego and follow the progress of the game from there, clicking the heart. There are already people who have the game in their 2019 whislist!

See you soon and happy New Year!