Arcadia Designs started its career in 2017. We joined forces early in the 2016, and we've been working together since then, making designs for other people and lastly we decided to make our own games.

Alejandro del Valle is the founder and the CEO of Arcadia Designs. Born and raised in Spain, he is the heart of the team. Always looking to the future, his strong convictions have leaded us this far. Arcadia Designs is not his first entrepreneurial venture, but is his most challenging and exciting one by now.

Elena Barrios is the co-founder of Arcadia Designs, and our lead designer. She studied industrial design, and while working for a big company she uses all her free time to work making games and cool designs. She is stubborn and decided, convincing everyone that "impossible" is just a way to say "possible and not as hard as I can't do it".

Martha Izquierdo is the youngest member of the Arcadia Designs, and she is as mad as a hatter. Her crazy ideas and amazing designs made many ideas possible, and she improves her work every day, asking if she can change everything that is already made to make it better, not knowing how or when to stop. She doesn't know her limits, and that makes her such a great artist.