A group of university students. A weekend in a house in the middle of nature.
A bonfire, drinks, fun... a dark secret and a horror story.

Do not go down to the basement.
Do not open that box.
It's late.

There are things in the dark that crawl, whisper and come towards here. Get away from the windows. Protect your friends. Do not stay alone. Hide your intentions.

Find an exit and survive ... this Moonless Night.

Moonless Night is a cooperative game of 2 to 4 players in which we will have to survive in a house in the middle of nature a full night while a monster taken from the most sinister horror films stalks us and hunt us down one by one. There will be terror, tension, exploration and hidden roles, all with a very careful cinematrographic setting, film clichés and illustrations and miniatures of great detail.

These 4 are the first characters of Moonless Night. Not all of them will appear in the game. Not all of them will survive the night.

Soon, more terrifying news!