Animagicians is a card game of wizardry and bluffings for 1-6 players, which takes place inside an enchanted manor, putting players in great danger against monsters, bad luck and... other players. Is an assimetrical strategic push your luck game which can be played Solo, Cooperative or All vs All. Besides, the game is language independent, and the cards with text are double sided in Spanish and English.

Each player represents a Dark Seeker, magicians with the ability of cage the souls of the monsters into crystal shards, gathering more and more power in order to become the most powerful Dark Seeker ever seen. Their goal is to encage as many Monster Souls as possible, or to defeat and encage the Lich itself.

Players will have to choose secretly which monster or monsters they want to defeat, saving themselves or saving other players, betraying them or bluffing with the spells to remain as much time as possible inside the manor. The state of the game will change suddenly thanks to the Special Cards or the Relics, powerful items that will be randomly found while battling monsters.

Animagicians is a fast and fun game that becomes more and more complex as the players play and find which character is better against each other, how to take profit of your Soulblast or learn when and how to use the Special Cards.

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